So You Think You Can Dance

Dustin will be in his first talent show today (preschool – seriously). Last night, he informed Danielle and I that he was nervous and didn’t want to go to school because he has no talents.

This is patently false. The boy has several talents, chief among them the odd ability to dance. Odd because his mother and I are completely devoid of any sense of rhythm. Put on a house beat and Danielle and I will just sway awkwardly. The boy, on the other hand, gets into this crazy pop and lock groove that is mysteriously in time with the music. I’m not sure where he picked it up – he sure as hell didn’t learn it at home – but I am impressed, even beyond the normal “proud father” level.

So we encouraged him to dance for his talent. He sort of resignedly agreed and the conversation ended. This morning, he told me he’s still nervous. We had a small bonding moment over it. I told him that every time I get in front of a crowd, no matter what size, I always get nervous, but I ride that nervous energy to make my performance the best I possibly can. He seemed to understand.

Nothing profound here today, just marking the boy’s first time entertaining a crowd. No matter how it turns out, I’m certain it will be awesome.