My Unborn Baby Mooned Me

My unborn baby mooned me

I’ve been bursting with this news literally since the day it happened – my lovely wife Danielle is 11 weeks pregnant. You may recall we tried this once before without success (she sadly miscarried after the seventh week). This time around, so far, so good.

We went in for her third ultrasound today. Though too small for her to feel it, the kid’s kicking up a storm. I had no idea it would be kicking around like that at this point! I didn’t expect any movement outside of the heartbeat! INCREDIBLE! There are toes and fingers, limbs, a head – all very clearly identifiable. There’s no questions, there’s a kid in there!

It’s been like day and night from the last time. During the previous pregnancy, there seemed to be problems from the beginning – the numbers weren’t adding up properly, the heartbeat was too faint, etc. etc. Every trip to the doctor was a trial. This time, they get the ultrasound machine in there, poke around a bit and say, “There’s the sack, there’s the kid, there’s the heartbeat. Boom, everything looks great!” I had no idea it was supposed to be that easy!

So, yes, we’re VERY excited. What follows are blurry blobs of gray and black that I assure you contain images of a beautiful baby… Z of some kind. You will be forced to look at such pictures for the next seven months or so until such time as there are actual, colored blurry blobs of our actual born child. Yay!!!

There's a head and a body in there somehwere

Legs and arms too, but I think s/he's being shy.

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