Kevin Smith’s Boring Ass Life

I make no bones about being a huge Kevin Smith fan. His films have literally changed my life. A date of mine grew so bored watching Mallrats that she proactively performed a particularly intimate act with me to avoid watching it. Another woman fell asleep in my lap during our first date while watching Clerks – she would later become my wife.

So to find that Kevin “Silent Bob” Smith has been blogging as of late came as a small thrill to me. He doesn’t spend a lot of time writing about his movie making process (boring!) or his fabulous newish-found celebrity (gag!). Instead he actually blogs. Take his most recent entry on the perils of going to strip clubs. There’s nothing in there you wouldn’t find in a decent personal blog. It’s not marketing, it’s not pandering – it’s just a guy choosing to cover what he wants to talk about. Dig it!

If you doubt that Silent Bob has anything relevant or interesting to say, I beg you to read his nine-part series (yes, it’s worth reading the whole thing) chronicling Jason “Jay” Mewes’ battle with addiction from the viewpoint of one of his dearest friends, titled “Me and My Shadow“. It’s touching, disturbing and absolutely fascinating. I hesitate to ever call anyone who has beaten an addiction they have gotten their own selves into a hero, but it does require a huge amount of heroics to claw one’s self out of the depths of so deep a pit, particularly when it’s a pit of one’s own design. The whole saga left me riveted and eager for the next entry.

Considering that he’s an indie film hero who’s as comfortable hobnobbing with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck as he is with his childhood buddies from the neighborhood, Smith’s boring ass life is really anything but. It’s an interesting dimension on the guy, one that personalizes him and makes him more personable. A lot of folks in the higher eschelons could take a cue from him.

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