Sax and Violins

Developed a new theory on the way home from Monterey the other night. While Dani slept in the back, I kept mom awake at the wheel with my idle pratter. I’m not sure why, but the topic of sex on TV came up. Mom seemed somewhat against the further erosion of our moral values through the boob tube, but I said I would be in favor of seeing more skin on network TV. Then I mentioned the paradox of why violence, often rather harsh violence, is OK on TV, but show so much of a nipple and the world comes to an end. And this is when I developed my theory — it all makes sense now.

The argument against violence on TV is that it will cause some viewers to become desensitized to it and, therefore, not see anything wrong with it. The fear is that this desensitization will lead to peoplethinking violence is OK and, in some cases, actually funny and thus prompt them to mimic what they see on TV. There have been actual cases where this appears to have actually happened.

If this theory is correct, one should also assume that shows promoting strong family relationships will encourage the viewers to create such relationships among themselves. Shows demonstrating educational prinicples will actually teach viewers about math, grammar, etc. And shows that portray sexual situations and nudity will encourage viewers to, well, have sex.

And this is where the problem lies. Not everyone watching TV is so impressionable that they lead their lives mimicing what they see on the screen. In fact, a small percentage is actually like this. However, it’s that small percentage who can’t think on their own that tend to cause the most problems. They are the ones who immediately think any lifestyle that doesn’t match their own — i.e. an “alternative” lifestyle — is wrong and will fight against it. They’re the ones who drink too much beer because their buddies say they should, then kill innocent people on the freeways. These are the people who make wild generalizations about people and make themselves look like asses in the process.

When these people breed, they make more people like themselves. Since they essentially do whatever they see on TV, showing them how to make babies would be a Bad Idea (TM). Therefore, the powers that be have determined it is better to just let them wipe each other out. Hence the taboo on explicit sex on TV but the relative acceptance of hardcore violence. You are more likely to see a guy get his head blown off than a woman flashing a nipple.

Unless you watch Jerry Springer.

Is it right? Is it wrong? That’s not for me to judge. I’m just here to blow the whistle on the conspiracy. If I disappear tomorrow, you’ll now know why.

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