Winter Wonderland

I apologize for not doing a more recent entry. Actually, I wrote a rather long entry a couple of days ago on Christmas and how Dani and I differ in our celebration of it with all kinds of interesting philosophical observations that may have helped bring peace to the world once it had been unleashed to the public. But Blogger’s system went down for maintenance when I submitted it and, thus, it was lost to the bit bucket.

So now I’ll be using Textpad to compose my thoughts.

My mother is in town for the week. As she has to work on Christmas day, she’ll have to leave Sunday, which is kind of a bummer. While here, we visited the San Jose Mission in Fremont, did some more Christmas shopping and, yesterday, took a trip down to Monterey.

The trip to Monterey was a blast. The main highlights were seeing my uncle for the first time in about three years and watching him bond with Danielle, visiting the aquarium and becoming a member, and just messing around. But the BIG story was the hail.

We arrived in Monterey at about noon and went to the Old Monterey Cafe on Alvarado Street for brunch. Just as we arrived, the rain began to pick up and a few hail balls pelted us as we walked in. Once inside, the storm took a serious turn for the worst, dropping rain and hail at a surprising rate. After about three waves of hard hail and rain it all stopped. We left the restaurant to find the streets and sidewalks covered in mounds of hail, like thick, slushy snow. It was incredible. It looked so much like snow that, at times, I felt I was in Lake Arrowhead rather than downtown Monterey.

I took several pictures but, due to technical complications, I do not yet have them available. May take a month to get them, but I’ll be sure to post them once I do.

Tonight we go to the Zoo Lights tour at the Oakland Zoo. Should be a hoot.

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