My Geeked Out Brush With Star Trek Greatness

I’m not a Trekker or a Trekkie or a … Trekster or whatever the hell they’re calling themselves this year, but I do appreciate me some Star Trek now and again. And, while visiting the ESPN site (no, seriously) I saw a banner ad for the new Star Trek movie slated to come out in May. So I clicked. And the trailer is very cool. This is going to be a decent movie, I can tell.

Then I saw the cast credits. Kudos for casting Sylar as Spock – the comparisons are obvious – and the guy they got for Kirk seems passable… but check out who they got for Sulu- Mr. John Cho!

You know Cho as either “The MILF” guy in American Pie or “Harold” in the “Harold and Kumar” movies. I know him as the lead singer to super group Dylarama – a tiny bar band I roadied for in my college days with the other John Tchoe.

Cho was the lead singer of the band and, though a bit full of himself at times, a pretty good, easy going guy. He was a lot of fun to hang out with, had an amazing stage presence and it didn’t hurt that the chicks loved him. Dylarama broke up in part because Cho left to go to LA to appear on stage in a large theater production – I don’t recall which one, though I want to say it was “Phantom of the Opera”. He did it because he got an opportunity and wanted to pursue his acting career. At the time, we thought his natural charisma would get him pretty far, but doubted he’d rise up in the cut throat Hollywood acting business. Silly us.

To go from Dylarama to the MILF guy (I damn near puked my popcorn when I saw him on the big screen) to Harold to Sulu… I am impressed. And I’ll say it again – all told, Cho is actually a pretty good, decent guy. It’s really nice to see someone like him make it big.

I haven’t spoken with him in more than a decade – I sincerely doubt he’d even remember me – but I like the idea that I am, essentially, two degrees away from Captain Kirk and one degree away from Sulu. That is too damn cool.

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